Medical Ethics Of The Pharmaceutical Field

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In the pharmaceutical field, there is a lot of controversy when it comes to doctors prescribing certain medications to patients; such as oxycodone. Some citizens hold the government accountable for addicting patients to oxycodone, but in reality the ones to blame are the doctors and pharmaceutical scientist. The government may have allowed doctors to prescribe these medications but there are also laws created to prevent doctors from abusing the right to prescribe oxycodone. The most common controlled substance that is prescribed is oxycodone which is also known as a narcotic. According to Kimberly Holland oxycodone works by triggering consumer’s nerves and preventing the body to send signals of pain to the brain. Many patients after they begin to take this medication they just want to keep on taking them. Kimberly Holland also believes that doctor need to become aware of is to whom these prescriptions are being prescribed to. This medication should be taken into consideration before ingesting. In todays date its fairly easy for a patient to get a prescription for oxycodone. Doctor 's need to watch what person they are prescribing oxycodone to. When this medication is ingested the person fairly becomes drugged, it is the same symptoms as taking any illegal drug. There are mothers that after giving birth get prescribed this narcotic even though it is not recommended for this type of situation. This is not healthy for the mother nor the child. If a mother is taking this

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