Medical Experiments During The Holocaust

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“I will remember that there is an art to medicine as well as a science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife and the chemist’s drug.” (Louis Lasagna). However, the doctors of the holocaust didn’t care, and used the victims as guinea pigs for the results. The medical experiments performed during the Holocaust had horrific outcomes for those experimented upon. The freezing and hypothermia experiments were tested upon males to test the conditions of the warriors suffered out in the fields. Tons of German soldiers died of freezing temperatures or were paralyzed by cold injuries. They only used healthy men in these experiments, though, because the week men would not be equal to the soldiers. These experiments were split into two parts. One part was to …show more content…

Group one received an artificial wound and it was injected with bacteria. Group two got either wood or glass splinters inserted into their wounds. Last, group three, received both wood and glass splinters. The last very excruciatingly painful experiment was the interrogation and torture experiments. These experiments were supposed to test people’s limits, endurance, and existence. They simulated extremely high altitudes with and without oxygen. Theses experiments were executed in Dachau concentration camp. There were four experiments conducted slow falling with and without oxygen, and falling with and without oxygen. There were about 200 people chosen for the experiments, and out of all these people, less than 40 had been condemned to death, but 78 were killed. To do the experiments they were put in containers that were air tight. Then the pressure inside the container was changed to simulate the experiment they were assigned to. They figured out that only continuous experiments at altitudes upwards of 10.5 kms ended in death. They also showed that the victim stopped breathing after about 30

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