Medical Field : Literature Review

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Nursing in the Medical Field:
Literature Review Nursing is one of the most popular healthcare professions in the world. The number of employees is constantly growing and they are always in need for incoming and experienced workers. The profession is taken very seriously and what’s best about the job is that one can grow, develop a higher degree and go work in a different setting. Just like history, the past, present and future of the medical field, this career is being researched on by the following questions:
1. What does it take to be a nurse?
2. What can a nurse do with their degree?
3. What is the history of Nursing?
4. What are the issues within Nursing?
This review of literature on nursing will be focused on the 4 questions
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This degree comes from four-year academic courses from science to principles of nursing. These courses will generally allow someone to learn everything they need to know in order to graduate and find a job in the career quickly since the field of work is always in need. Even after receiving a Bachelors degree, nurses and students can always go back to school to achieve a higher degree in nursing or branch out to another program.
What can a nurse do with their degree? There are many fields a nurse can get into if they want to continue their education. After receiving their associates or bachelors they can choose accelerated options such as nurse practitioner (NP) basically a higher level of a registered nurse. They work more closely with the physician and are able to focus on patients’ conditions as well the effects of illness on the patient and their families. So they do more work closely related to prevention, wellness and patient education priorities. NPs can also conducts research and are often active in patient lives. Another example of an accelerated option is a Certified Nurse Midwife. They help assist births but also provide gynecological services which allow them to write up prescriptions and provide patient counseling along with education. Higher education for this job is however a couple years longer as compared to a Nurse Practitioner. The amount of schooling someone will have to go
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