Medical Film Sponsorship Analysis

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Medical film sponsorship is now recognized as a powerful option for marketers. It is a relatively inexpensive way to reach millions worldwide. This film series will introduce your organization and brand into an emotional relationship with the audience. Consequently, the effects of sponsorship are felt more strongly.
Showcasing sponsor’s logo in e-book, posters, newsletter, blogs, podcasts and social networks make a positive perception of your organization and will increase brand awareness or affinity of your organization. In addition, the screen credits are a crucial area, these are how the audience will positively judge organization brand and credibility. Furthermore, this documentary film series provides an amazing opportunity to share
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Film credits on all the episodes of the sponsoring documentary film and be listed on highly treasured IMDB (International Movie Data Base) as “Sponsor”.
2. An e-book, a concise version from the original film script with color diagrams will be published. This e-book will showcase sponsor’s name, address and logo. Sponsors will have license and rights to distribute e-book digital copies via their own website.
3. The Sponsors at this level, get an opportunity to participate in Medifilms Corporations future events, meetings and conferences as guest of honor.
4. Opportunity to share team’s knowledge: If sponsor’s specialty and expertise are relevant to the film title & theme; the Medifilms production team will also consider including appropriate video clips related to sponsor’s medical facility, diagnostic, surgical state of the art equipment, surgical procedures and opinions from expert team.
5. As a valued sponsor, your organization logo will be showcased in all the film series episodes and posters.
6. The film project and sponsor’s information will be featured in our newsletter, blogs, podcasts and other social media network.
7. The sponsor’s organization logo and its website link are included in the medifilms Corporation’s website main sponsor’s
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