Medical Guideline Policy And Carilion Clinic Policies On A National Level

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Cesarean Section Birth Brandon Caldwell Jefferson College of Health Sciences 11/1/14 Introduction Cesarean section (C/S) births can occur in the hospital for several reasons. Some women choose to have elective C/S birth and others require C/S births out of infant or maternal safety, complications, or by necessity. This paper discusses both elective and emergency C/S deliveries and reviews both National Guideline policy and Carilion Clinic policies on C/S births. The problem statement is: in pregnant women (population), does C/S delivery following National or Carilion policies (IV: exposure vs. none-exposure) differ in terms of patient care and outcomes concerning maternal and neonatal health (DV)? The guidelines: National…show more content…
In depth discussion of planned and emergency C/S deliveries were also discussed. Planned C/S births were defined as “breech presentation, multiple pregnancy, preterm birth, small for gestational age, placenta praevia, morbidly adherent placenta, cephalopelvic disproportion in labor, mother-to-child transmission of maternal infection, Hepatitis B and C viruses, Herpes, and maternal request for C/S birth was outlined” (National Guideline Clearinghouse, 2011). An in-depth outline of anesthesia and surgical techniques followed. It seems that this source addressed nearly every type of C/S birth technique, including “method of placental removal, exteriorization of the uterus, closure of the uterus, peritoneum, abdominal wall, and subcutaneous tissue, use of superficial wound drains, closure of skin, and even timing of antibiotic administration and thromboprophylaxis for C/S births. Care of the woman after C/S surgery, routine monitoring, pain management, eating and drinking after surgery, and removing the urinary catheter after C/S surgeries was also discussed(National Guideline Clearinghouse, 2011)”. There is even a benefits/harms section that looks at potential risks and successes of C/S deliveries. The National Guidelines Clearinghouse
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