Medical History : Dental Hygienists

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As dental hygienists, we will see a variety of patients in our dental office. Each patient will present with a unique medical history. It is essential to know how to treat our patients to the best of our ability, so that they are comfortable and cared for throughout the entire treatment process. They might have a certain disability, disorder, or disease that may alter or affect how we treat them. My patient is a 58-year-old female, who presents with controlled type II diabetes, hypertension, and possibly thyroid tumors that have been there for a few years. She is under the care of a physician for her diabetes and associated controlled hypertension. I recommended several times that she see her physician after feeling the tumors around her neck and thyroid. Her medical history also indicates that she had rheumatic fever twelve to thirteen years ago, has arthritis in her knees, and occasional headaches. She is 5”3 and weighs 216 pounds. Her blood pressure was 126/80, pulse was 88 BPM, respirations were 20, and her temperature was 98.2 Fahrenheit. She doesn’t smoke and I made sure that she had eaten lunch and wasn’t hungry. She is currently on 100 mg Metformin for her diabetes, 120 mg. Lisinopril for hypertension, 40 mg. of Lovastatin to lower cholesterol, 80 mg. of Aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, and daily insulin. Reviewing her medical HX, I was informed that she usually checks her blood glucose daily, but had recently run out of strips, so it had been a

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