Medical Identity Fraud

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I currently work in a nursing and Rehab Facility for Elderly People. Whether it is short term or long term I see a lot of patients file daily. I oversee all their chart filing of insurance claims, SSI, Verification Forms, ID Cards, and Any medical codes that need to match the patients Files. Reading through National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association. (2016) I was shocked to see the amount of fraud that has occurred between 2000 and 2014. When you are going to see your doctor for a physical and you get a physical Exam and this occurs, " medical identity theft victim may unexpectedly fail a physical exam for employment because a disease or condition for which he's never been diagnosed or received treatment has been unknowingly documented in his health record." That is appalling, this patient just now had his job jeopardized,…show more content…
You are killing patients by giving them unneeded heart catheterizations, and bribing them. These patients lost a loved one. It’s appalling. In the field I am in, these patients get phone calls to their rooms asking to speak to them. The patients then come to the front and ask for money orders so they can send these crocks money for their co- pay they forgot to pay, or to pay off all their medical debt. I never knew the outcome to what goes on and how this information is sought, but these articles have given me better insight of how to protect not only my insurance and medical records, but those of the patients I am there for. I respect the HIPPA laws and Health Care Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP) for the change they are making with the technology to catch these perpetrators. These victims need voices. In 2014, the government recovered $3.3 billion because of health care fraud judgments, settlements and additional administrative impositions in health care fraud cases and proceedings. Our technology is continuing to change and will strengthen our security for a better future to prevent fraud and
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