Medical Insurance And Health Insurance

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After the age of twenty-two, I was no longer able to be on my mother’s health insurance and I did not qualify for any type of state insurance. At this time, I was working at a restaurant that did not offer insurance. The year before doctors diagnosed me with epilepsy, and having health insurance was very important. I started looking at private insurance, but due to my epilepsy diagnoses, most insurance companies would not even talk to me. The companies that did could only offer me plans that would cost me six hundred dollars a month. I was not able to afford to pay that much money for health insurance. Therefore, instead of going to the doctors as I needed too, I only would only go to the ER when my health got bad. I was on my way to work one day when I had a seizure at the bus stop. I went to the hospital and ended up coming home with a bill of five thousand dollars. I went back to work, but because I was not able to pay my medical bills and pay my monthly bills to survive, I started to skip my monthly medical payments. The hospital sued me and started taking twenty-five present of my checks, to pay for my hospital visit. To some that may not be a lot, but when you live paycheck to paycheck, it makes it hard to pay your bills. I am not the only person in the USA that has gone in debt due to not having health insurance. In 2013 a study by “Nerd wallet Health, a division of the price comprising website, analyzed data from the U.S census, Center for Disease Control, the
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