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Medical Problems: Why People Avoid Going do to a Doctor and what does that lead to? One of the more recent issues of today’s healthcare is the fact that many people avoid going to a doctor or a physician, whether they have a medical problem or not. Even for a routine checkup, people generally avoid doctors. It began as a growing phenomenon in the developing countries but has now spurred across borders towards the developed world as well. This paper examines, in detail, the various reasons why people with medical problems avoid going to the doctors and the detrimental health effect it causes to them. First of all, it is pertinent to highlight the fact that nobody knows for sure that how many people avoid going for medical visits and routine checkups, why do they do so or whether or not it causes their health to deteriorate further. There are no national statistics and empirical data when understanding and tracking the delays in healthcare industry. This makes the understanding of behavioral patterns and attitudes towards healthcare and medical visits difficult. However, public health experts all across the globe are agreed upon the fact that many people with money, health insurance and access to good medical resources are voluntarily avoiding checkups and medical tests and visits. Health experts have hypothesized a few causes as to why people with medical conditions avoid going to the doctor. Health experts list the fear of being misdiagnosed as the primary cause as to

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