Medical Issues Today

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There are many legal and medical issues today that relate to patient safety in this paper I will be addressing Medical errors, how they can be improved by today’s technological advances, and problems that occur in making these improvements. A study done by Kaiser indicates that medication errors have doubled in the last 10 years and that serious injuries have gone from 35,000 in 1998 to 90,000 in 2005. Those errors occur by a breakdown in one of the many steps that go into the giving of those medications to patients. Areas of breakdown occur in proscribing, transcribing, dispensing and the administrations of those medications. Another issue that affects patient safety is the huge differences that can occur when patients with the…show more content…
It helps stop errors in medication administration, blood draws, and blood transfusions. There are several barriers to advanced information technologies that have prevented these technologies from being used as quickly as they should be in order to improve healthcare and decrease medical errors. One of these barriers is the cost involved in acquiring and implementing all the available technology. There is also a cost and concern in protecting this information from damage and loss. Protecting patient privacy and who has access to these records is also something that can cause problems and confusion. It is very expensive to train personal to use these programs and to input all the data. Many small medical offices can’t afford this type of technology. Another barrier to improved safety is just human resistance to change. Many people don’t want to take the time to learn to use computers and don’t trust computers because of their own lack of knowledge about these systems. Another barrier is fear of reporting medical errors. Reporting has improved over the years but still has a long way to go. Many medical personal and facilities are afraid of the consequences of reporting medical errors. This makes it hard to get accurate information about medical errors and helps prevent medical errors from being solved. Another barrier is lack of patient education. Most people don’t realize what is out there as far as technology is concerned and just think they
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