Medical Law Coursework

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Medical Law Coursework Name Institution Date Medical Law Coursework It is undisputable that insufficient available organs to meet the demand of those on the organ donor waiting list have been on the increase. If the government of the United Kingdom does not imaginably attempt to address the problem, many more patients will die waiting for the available organs. Many approaches can be used to access and maximize organ donation to the government of the United Kingdom and the world as a whole. Organ transplant is a self-motivated issue that should be considered under every trend of growth and development in the medical sector. In order to access more organ donations to alleviate the looming problems, many humanitarian activities and approaches should be put under immense consideration. Voluntary selection Organ transplant is a volunteer activity that comes from people who have the will to have their organs donated for further assistance to people in need. There are many volunteer activities in the global. Further agencies and human movements have always advocated for organ transplant willingness from the public. In order to access these humanitarian activities, the govern of the United Kingdom should solicit for more humanitarian movements that seek to educate people on the importance of donating organs for use in hospitals. The government must increase spending in sensitizing the human societies to reveal ways of challenging for further donations from the public
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