Medical Logistics Ordering Systems

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1. Problem. To determine if reducing the number of Medical Logistics Ordering systems to two main systems is the best course of action for the Army.

2. Recommendation. Recommend Possible Solution PS 1 to determine the most effective method to reduce the number of systems currently used in the Army to order Medical Supplies from multiple systems down to two. PS 1 best establishes this emphasis by currently incorporating procedures already in use by the Army Medical Department, and the Medical Logistics community. 3. Background. Logically, the Army Medical Logistics should have connectivity with all systems currently in used throughout Department of Defense including Operational Forces, Generating Forces, United States Navy Logistics, and the United States Air Force Logistics. However, most systems do not interact with each other due to firewall issues and network security connectivity.

4. Facts.

a. According to survey conducted, military personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force, determine that 55% is proficient on the use of the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), 34% on the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support Customer Assistant Module (DCAM), and 16% in the Theater Enterprise- Wide Logistics System (TEWLS).

b. According to AR 625-5, Soldiers who successfully achieved the completion of 68J MOS, throughout GI to Jobs, Soldiers can earn civilian credentials related to their Military Occupational Specialty. All Military…

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