Medical Marijuana: A Natural Alternative

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Five year old Charlotte suffers from a rare genetic disorder. In her short life, she has had as many as 300 grand mal seizures in one week, she was confined to a wheel chair, has gone into cardiac arrest and could barely speak. Her doctors were at a loss as to what to do and out of ideas on how to help her. Her mother had heard of the treatment of seizures using cannabinoids, a chemical compound found in marijuana, and as a last resort at saving her little girl, she decided to give it a try. Only two years later Charlotte is almost completely seizure free. She is able to walk, talk and feed herself. Her family has now relocated to Colorado where they are able to legally obtain the specific strain of cannabinoid found in medicinal…show more content…
Amidst all of the country’s controversy surrounding this plant, there are no doubts about its medical potential. One of these medical areas is in treating seizure disorders. There are three million people in the United States alone that have epilepsy and one-third of those have treatment-resistant seizures (Young). The cannabinoids found in marijuana seem to help many of these people. The Epilepsy Foundation is a big supporter of medical marijuana. “Some individuals, specifically families of children with uncontrolled seizures, are using what is called cannabinoid oil, or CBD oil, and anecdotally a few are seeing remarkable results. This is truly spectacular – anytime someone finds a treatment that stops seizures, there is a cause for celebration because seizure freedom for one person means hope of seizure freedom for others (Gattone and Lammert).” These children are not getting “high” off of marijuana. The specific medical marijuana that is being used is called “Charlotte’s Web” named after the little girl described in the beginning of this paper and it is high in cannabinoids and low in THC, which is the main psychoactive ingredient that produces what users call a “high” (“Moving for Marijuana”). Seizure disorders are not the only medical benefit of marijuana. Cancer and AIDS patients have benefited substantially from its affects as they have found relief from pain but also great relief from

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