Medical Marijuana Cons

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Most people see marijuana as a way to get high, or get away. But, there is many other uses for marijuana. Marijuana is made up of dried leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds from the hemp plant. The drug can be used for multiple things like treating or preventing multiple types of sicknesses. Marijuana also has it's down sides, like memory loss. Medical Marijuana should be legal because it can treat cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer's. What are your views on Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana can prevent sicknesses and side affects while you are already sick. It can prevent things like vomiting during chemotherapy and used to treat cancer. Marijuana that is used for medical purposes has CBD (Cannabidiol) making the drug have medical benefits. This also takes away the high that regular marijuana has. Marijuana has it's downsides, like it containing 400 plus chemicals that could create problems for people who are already sick and people who aren't sick.

HIV/AIDS has certain side affects like appetite loss and marijuana can treat this symptom. When you inhale marijuana it releases
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Although it has it's cons, the chemicals could affect the brain if you have Alzheimer's.

In conclusion medical marijuana has lots of pros and can and will help many. It can help HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's, Vomiting due to chemo, and others cancer treatments. Over all some people will continue to believe that medical marijuana is not a good option and there will be others who will take advantage of it's pros and benefit from it's uses. What are your views on Medical Marijuana know that you know more about it?


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