Medical Marijuana Debate Summary

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Green Hospitals Marijuana should be legalized all together but, with restraints. This is simply because of the fact that you have a choice in how your life plays out. Just because some people decide to misuse the herb does not mean that you should suffer. Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis should be legalized as a clinical option. Many people think that marijuana kills brain cells. In 2015 a 2014 study was proven wrong (Marijuana does). This study was on the topic of marijuana killing brain cells, the results came back to say that marijuana has no long term effect on brain cells. Many other people including Thomas Chong have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, ¨Now legalizing marijuana means more than just being able to…show more content…
The statistics do not lie, and many scientists and doctors alike are beginning to consider medical marijuana legalization (Medical Marijuana). We already know that it has no long term effect on brain cells, and we know that it has cured cancer cases. Marijuana has been seen dominantly as an illegal drug, so long that people are not willing to accept its medical benefits (6 powerful reasons). Marijuana has been around since the beginning of time, and since then it has been used for many medical purposes. The fact that medical marijuana has been proven to be useful in certain cases is enough to open the minds of the people. One day it will be legalized medically, one way or another. In the end marijuana has many uses. It is helpful for cancer the most, along with other diseases and or conditions. The amount of current marijuana users we have now will not decrease or increase with the legalization of medical marijuana. Many believe that marijuana is harmful to the lungs brain and immune system, and that it is addictive. Many studies have proven many negative claims about marijuana wrong. This is an age of change, and change is
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