Medical Marijuana For Hope Essay

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Katlyn Hanson
Philosophy 1112
003-Biomedical Ethics
April 16th, 2015

Medical Marijuana for Hope

In today’s pharmaceutical world, there are treatments that are used to cure diseases, prescriptions able to alleviate pain, and over-the-counter drugs that claim to be able to control and treat an issue someone may be having. Yet, with everything they have, the cost to afford these “benefits” have caused many families to become in debt or discussing other options, especially those with a severe health issue such as cancer or epilepsy. Even if they are able to afford the treatments, there is no guarantee that they will work in battling the illness. It’s also possible that the medications given to an individual could end up damaging or killing them depending on how much they are supposed to be taking. Because of these reasons, people have been on the lookout for a new cure to both common and severe illnesses, researching different forms of drugs and pharmaceutical medications in hope that the next breakthrough will help many of those in need. Many now are advocating and leaning towards the use of medicinal marijuana within the medical field, providing both research and practical application showing the beneficial properties cannabis has.
One of the most common illnesses that pharmacies and medical professionals have been trying to find a cure for is cancer. Cancer has many different types and stages, each with separate and devastating effects.…

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