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Marijuana prohibition stands as one of the most unwarranted policies of the United States. Every year we are spending billions of dollars on the War on Drugs with little benefit. Data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation show there were an estimated 1,552,432 arrests for drug-related crimes in 2014 – a slight uptick from the 1,531,251 drug arrests in 2013. Marijuana offenses accounted for 48.3 percent of all drug arrests. Most marijuana-related arrests were for possession of the drug. By mere possession, there was one marijuana arrest every 48 seconds in 2014. Including arrests for distribution, there was a pot-related arrest every 42 seconds. This prohibition makes no sense, especially in a country where alcohol use is …show more content…
By 500 A.D. its use had spread westward, to the Middle East, where it was reportedly used as an analgesic and antiseptic. It slowly spread to Africa and Eastern Europe. Several years after Napolean?s army returned from Egypt, marijuana became widely accepted by western medical practitioners. It wasn?t until the mid 1800s that the United States embraced its therapeutic qualities as evidenced by the 1860 convening of the Committee on Cannabis Indica of the Ohio State Medical Society, which reported on its therapeutic applications. In the years from 1840-1890, the medical community in the U.S. had written 100 papers recommending its use for various illnesses. By the early 20th century nearly 200 papers had been written demonstrating the medicinal qualities of marijuana. In the period from 1890-1937, the development of newer medicines led to the decline of using medical pot, although many organizations still endorsed medical pot, including the American Medical Association (Nat?l Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse). We now realize that medicinal pot is an effective, and sometimes superior medication, and that the last 70 years of prohibition have been uncalled for. Its uses are numerous, and it is a terrible injustice that patients are being denied access to this wealth of uses. One of the best uses of marijuana is for pain relief, mainly neuropathic pain, which is pain associated with nerve damage. It can be used to control nausea,

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