Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Many doctors across the nation believe that medical marijuana can provide a variety of benefits ranging from pain relief to increasing appetite. Others won’t provide the drug to patients until more significant evidence is presented. The drug has been a topic of debate for many years, but one thing that researchers can always count on is a growing library of testimonials from patients who have legally experimented with the drug to manage their conditions. As it stands, marijuana has had a different impact in each state. A few things that are similar between them all involve economy and medical research. As the amount of people taking medical marijuana continues to grow, researchers are being provided with more case studies to use for their research and economies where are being stimulated with the addition of thousands of new dispensaries.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in over twenty states and is already being used by over a million to treat various conditions. Its potential for medical use is extraordinary, but its growth is hindered by government officials who worry about the social and medical impact the drug may impress. This makes it difficult for researchers to validate the drugs potential and find new uses for it. Likewise, there are many potential uses for medical marijuana, but they cannot be pursued until officials acknowledge its cultural impact and promote researching the drug for significant evidence of its medical benefits.…

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