Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

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In recent years, medical marijuana has become legal in 23 states across the country, including washington D.C, new york,new jersey, oregon, and many others. Medical marijuana has been know too aid cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, along with a large number of medical conditions like Glaucoma, Arthritis, migraines, hepatitis C and many others. While there is a large following in the medical marijuana movement, there is also a large counter-movement who want to medical marijuana to stay illegal. In this paper I will argue why medical marijuana should be legal throughout the united states and how beneficial marijuana is to modern medecine. Marijuana could be used in modern medicine to help aid a wide range of diseases.

Before talking about medical marijuana and it’s benefits, it is important to understand the background of why marijuana was made illegal in the first place. It all began in the early 1900’s after the mexican revolution. At this time there was an extremely large amount of mexican immigrants moving to states like Texas and Louisiana. These immigrants came to America with their native language, customs and culture. One of these customs was the use of marijuana. IT was used as a medicine and a way to relax. While americans referred to the plant as “Cannabis,” mexican immigrants referred to the plant as “marihuana.” This was a foreign term to Americans, and it was used by the media to portray the plant as a “dangerous foreign drug.” The media spread false…

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