Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Medical Cannabis Weed Cannabis, also known as Marijuana has many effects to it. In recent years officials have decided that it should be used for medical usage. They have found out that it helps many medical conditions. Medical cannabis has many things that could cure. Studies has shown that it slows the response time in the synapses in the brain it helps the brain heal. For example if someone was in a bad wreck it allows the brain to eventually heal. Because it is unlike other prescribed drugs weed has little to no side effects depending on the person. Compared to others it has the least amount of side effects with the best results possible. Multiple studies have shown among a variety of participants from the age of 3 to 93 that in multiple test subjects that have seizers in the womb and wasn’t able to speak walk or function properly on their own actually begin to learn to use their natural body functions, and It will help to heal the brain, body faster. Medical Cannabis has many cause and effects to it such as, it could help you medically, the cannabis could give you a bad reaction and it could be a gateway to other drugs. Cannabis, has had many factors to which officials did not believe that it should be legal. According to the NCSL, “In late August 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice announced an update to their marijuana enforcement policy. The statement reads that while marijuana remains illegal federally, the USDOJ expects states like Colorado and Washington to

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