Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

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In 1996, starting with California, 21 states and the district of Columbia allowed for reduced or no penalties if marijuana was used for medicinal purposes. In 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64 which is the law that legalized marijuana for recreational use. This act passed with a total of 55 percent of voters. Studies show two views on the legalization of marijuana; some positive and some negative. Some people use marijuana to get high, but others are prescribed marijuana to alleviate pain, generate an appetite, and relieve stress; these are three of the many benefits that medical marijuana offers. Medical marijuana can be an acceptable and beneficial drug.
The use of medical marijuana is not new to the history of medicine, especially Eastern medicine practices. Almost 5,000 years ago, marijuana was used as a herbal medicine by the Chinese (Rose, 2013). Traditional Chinese medicine was offered through many different practices such as herbal medicine, massage, exercise, dietary therapy and acupuncture. The Chinese made a connection between acupuncture and marijuana. The Chinese believed if a person was being treated for pain, then the person needed cannabis as a remedy. Rose’s article said, “Cannabis is one of the 50 “fundamental” herbs of the TCM, and is prescribed to treat diverse symptoms.” (Rose, 2013) Cannabis is described as one of 50 plants that are used as medicine. The 50 plants that it is referring to is the herbs that actually do something to help the human…

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