Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Banned

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How could a federally illegal drug be given to the citizens by physicians of the United States to potentially be grown in their homes? Medical marijuana is a common phenomenon that is acceptable in more than half of the 50 states. Individuals of all ages are affected by the new regulations of the once illegal substance and exposed more than one might think. Marijuana is introduced through schools by peers as a parent struggles to ensure their child will maintain an effective future. This particular drug is dangerous and can have intense effects to the body. To reduce the exposure of the harmful effects of marijuana, physicians should not be given the power to distribute the substance. Medical marijuana should not be given as a form of medicine in the United States because of the drugs negative effects to the body, the central nervous system, and one’s physical health. Also research has proven that the drug is known to be abused by individuals around the country who have been given access.
Medical marijuana has many negative effects to different parts of the human body. Although the drug is shown to reduce pain, other side effects exist as the drug targets essential parts of the body. Addiction specialist and author of the New York Times Newspaper article Rebecca Drayer explains, “Recent research shows that marijuana has detrimental effects on the brain, lungs, heart and fertility…false impression that there is a medical need for marijuana confuses and misleads a poorly…

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