Medical Marijuana Vs. Cigarettes

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At times, Medical Marijuana can be compared to Cigarettes, that reason being is that both are extremely addictive to the user. But at least smoking a cigarette does not peel off your IQ points. Medical Marijuana is a herb that can help a hurting patient with nerve pain within the body. It is frequently distributed to patients with neurological pain that can become extensive for the patient and could become unbearable for the person experiencing the pain. Medical Marijuana can be distributed in multiple ways, such as patches, sprays, topicals, vaping, edibles, smoking, and ingesting. The concept of Medical Marijuana is not an ethical method to get rid of diseases based on the mental and physical effects that it has and the effects of Jekyll’s…show more content…
Not only is medical marijuana not healthy for your mental IQ level but it also can cause depression or can make a patient feel as if they are in a slump. Although it sometimes does not cause a patient to have depression, it still affects the body to feel fatigued. Through an article by New Health which specializes in the exploration of marijuana we can see that they have provided substantial evidence that medical marijuana does cause delayed reactions and a decrease in alertness. “Those who consume marijuana can experience muscle relaxation, tiredness, decreased alertness and sedation, all of which are similar to the effects of depressants” (“New Health). Medical Marijuana can cause a large strain on a patient’s mental state, that is why medical marijuana should not be legal. But some people may argue that if a patient is already dying and is suffering from pain, why would it matter if medical marijuana were a factor in their treatment. Although the statement may seem true, what if that patient were cured, think of how it would affect their future. The mental state of a patient is very critical when a person is put into a difficult position. The mental state plays a key role in the patient’s physical composure, the want or the rejection of getting better can affect…show more content…
Tourists have been found attempting to take marijuana out of the country where it is not legal. “Tourists as they come and go through Amsterdam they are not legally allowed to take marijuana out of the Country” (Hawkins). And although it is illegal, many still do it since there are many large quantities being sold and distributed. The problems that The Netherlands are facing with marijuana should also be taken into consideration before it is legalized in the United States. Some may argue why bother bringing Amsterdam into the picture? Well there are multiple reasons, take into mind that Colorado has legalized marijuana in their state. Colorado although having the benefits of medical marijuana throughout the state, their drug crime rate has skyrocketed and their crimes have increased. This has to do with medical marijuana. Since it is able to be purchased freely, the distribution of the drug has increased tremendously. Tying medical marijuana into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, when Jekyll had first discovered Hyde he was ecstatic and felt younger and lighter, but as time wore on Jekyll realized how pure evil Hyde was (Stevenson 69). Medical marijuana can also be put with it being evil. Although it may work, the herb is addictive and can leave a patient with strong cravings and a constant need of marijuana. Taking
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