Medical Marijuana in Pediatric Patients

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Many physicians across North America hesitate to prescribe medical marijuana to their adult patients out of fear, why would they even start considering prescribing it to children . This fear mainly originates from the fact that as medical students in medical school, doctors learn absolutely nothing about prescribing it, therefor, cannot knowledgeably advise patients on dosage and side effects of this medication. This is quite sad considering how much benefits can come from medical marijuana, especially in paediatric care, as it useful, safe and in some cases lifesaving. The stereotype associated with "weed" forces doctors to second guess the benefits that may come from it. The fact that it is considered a Schedule 1 drug in United States…show more content…
At this point in her life she was using a wheelchair, had heart attacks and had trouble speaking. After trying different medications to control Charlottes seizures, with no results, her mother Page, turned to alternative medicine. She consumes oil, extracted from a medical marijuana strand known as "Charlotte's Web". Now, two year later she walks, talks, and feeds her self. This particular strain is high in cannabinoids or CBDs, (CBS News). Another paediatric patient, Joey Perez, was diagnosed with autism at only 18 month of age. By the time he was only five years old Joey was taking six different medications, as much as three times a day. By the age of ten he was basically on his death bed, the symptoms of autism, anxiety, OCD, and aggression only worsened. The side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs caused loss of appetite causing malnourishment and he was diagnosed with anorexia, his family watched him withered away. His mother looked for an alternative method, which she refers to as magic brownies. Twelve months later Joey has never been happier and had gained back the weight. In this case , just like the last, the medical marijuana used to medicate the condition was high in CBDs. Joey's mother went on to The Good Morning Show to share her story, in hopes that others can benefit from it, (Sircus, 2). The main concern with medical marijuana use in paediatric patients is the long term
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