Medical Medicine Intake And Dosage Levels

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Introduction In general, a patient suffering from illness is prescribed medication by a doctor who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of medicine. The doctor clearly specifies the medication process to the patient which includes the medicine information, medicine intake and dosage levels. There are instances where a patient without any proper consultation with the doctor gets medicines from the drug store and takes medication without any proper knowledge. This scenario is the most error prone as there is no proper administration. The outpatient medication without proper supervision can lead to many complications. Some of the problems include the following. 1. Irregular medicine intake, as the patient is not knowledgeable…show more content…
Provide information of the medicine and also the intake directions. 3. Keeps track of the medicine intake, i.e. it maintains a record of the time the user has taken his medicine. 4. Scrutinizes the medicine stock. It looks after the medicine stock and intimates the patient about the medicine. I will go through all the software development life cycles and develop the application. The application is a medicine schedule and alert system as an example of large scale of software development. The following are the six phases involved in every software development life cycle. 1. Requirements gathering and analysis. 2. Design. 3. Implementation or coding. 4. Testing. 5. Deployment. 6. Maintenance. In the requirements gathering and analysis phase, requirements are gathered in this phase and are analyzed for their validity. A document is created which served as strategies for the next phases. In the design phase, system and software design is prepared from the requirements gathered in the requirements and analysis phase. Implementation or coding phase is the longest phase. In this phase, the coding part is started for the system which is to be developed. The work in this phase is divided into modules or units. Each module is separately coded by the developers. In testing phase, the code from the coding phase is tested against the requirements gathered in the requirements and analysis phase. In this phase the following tests are done on the system. 1. Unit testing. 2. Integration
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