Medical Model Of Disease Essay

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A component of the medical model of disease is physical reductionism. In this case , the cause of IBS is being reduced to “an overgrowth of gut bacteria” by researchers while forgoing a holistic explanation. Rather than compartmentalizing illness there should be greater emphasis on the interaction between the mind and body and how they operate interconnectedly analogous to a machine. For example , it may be possible that unseen psychological factors are causing biological disfunction. The act of evacuation itself carries a degree of stigma. Despite being a normal biological process , society tends to label it as “dirty”. Society shares a collective value of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. As a result, it is an act that is performed discreetly behind closed doors and discussions outside of a doctor's office are kept purposely vague.Those without IBS are able to choose when and where they evacuate and thus maintain social order and societal norms. Further stigma is attached to IBS as there is a lack of control of bowel movement and thus someone may be forced to “come out of the closet” against their will. As Schneider notes , by the fact that we do not talk openly about gastrointestinal problems leads…show more content…
As a result the individual may become embarrassed and could become excluded from the social group. As a social actor Ms. Salos is expected to maintain her presentation of self. To do this , she must monitor her “Front stage” and ensure that no one knows about her condition. For if it is revealed it could harm other aspects of her social life. Thus , she must present her idealized form of herself that is free of illness by abstaining from social gathers.By being selective in whom she discloses her condition to Ms. Salos is able to control her identity however since this identity is formed in social situations this may prove
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