Medical Nutrition Therapy : A Case Study Approach

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Name: Sarah Neary

Medical Nutrition Therapy: A Case Study Approach 4th ed.
Case 18 – Chronic Kidney Disease Treated with Dialysis

Instructions: Please complete each question listed below. Be thorough in answering these questions. With any calculations, please show your work. Use any resources available to complete these questions, but chapter 18 of your textbook will help you complete this assignment. Make sure to look up any unfamiliar terms or concepts. Answers can be typed directly into this document and should be uploaded to D2L by April 1st by 9 pm save file as last name – CKD case study.

A. Understanding the Disease and Pathophysiology (6 points)

What is the etiology of CKD? What are the contributing factors in Mrs. Joaquin’s development of CKD and the progression to needing dialysis? Explain.

The etiology of CKD include; diabetes, hypertension, glomerulonephritis, ethnicity of Native American, African American, or Latino, family history, hereditary factors, direct and forceful blow to the kidneys, and prolonged consumption of OTC painkillers. The contributing factors to Mrs. Joaquin’s development of CKD would be her Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and her ethnicity of being Native American. Her progression is from being diagnosed with Stage 3 chronic kidney disease two years prior to her visit and not properly taking her hypoglycemic or antihypertensive medications. This allowed her kidneys to continue failing which has now resulted in a GFR of 4 mL/min, putting…
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