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Calladae OB/GYN Employee Training Manual K. McClary - Instructor August 8, 2006 Ieshia Alexander Le'nci Battle Caylen Gaither Alyssa Hall Danielle Sheppard Table of Contents Office Hours and Staff 1 Job Delegations 2 Telephone Procedures 4 Routing Chart 5 Fax Machine Use 6 Appointment Scheduling 7 Triage 9 In Office Patient Emergency Situations 11 In Office Emergencies 12 Disposal of Waste Products 14 Office Hours and Staff Calladae OB/GYN 401 Sanford Drive (404) 555-4400 Phone Atlanta, GA 30086 (404) 555-6000 Fax Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M.…show more content…
Our Surgery Coordinator will take care of all our patients' insurance issues prior to surgery to make the stress of the financial issues less for our patient before entering surgery. He or she will speak directly to the patient about his or her scheduled surgery and pre-op instructions. Office Manager Our office manager is responsible for all non physician scheduling. He or she will also handle administrative conflicts and patient complaints. He or she is also our liaison with Technical Support Teams. Their responsibilities also include ordering non medical office supplies and entering or calling in the payroll. He or she is the general overhead of all administrative office procedures. 3 Telephone Procedures Managing Incoming Calls Any employee who will be using the telephone must be able to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous manner. Be sure to take messages correctly. Please insure that you have only the necessary information and that the message is legible. To help you manage incoming calls please follow these steps 1) Have your pen and paper on hand. 2) Answer the telephone on the second or third rings. 3) Greet the caller. "Thank you for calling Calladae OB/GYN This is __________ speaking, may I have your name please?" 4) Show respect and attention to the caller. "How may we assist you today Mr. or Mrs.______?" Please address all our patients with these titles unless asked by the patient themselves to be addressed differently.

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