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Today’s communication methods are various and sometimes complex. Everything from paper and pens to computer communication systems, modern communication has come a long way since our parents’ days. We can take our phones with us and keep up on current events like the recent earthquake in Japan, or check our electronic mail, talk to someone from around the world, and even get information on ourselves. In the communication era we are so connected to the rest of society that we almost never stop communicating to someone. Healthcare uses a lot of different communication channels. We have focused on verbal vs. non-verbal, EMR and e-mail. Verbal communication is a major factor in an office setting, weather it is in the health care industry or…show more content…
In the medical profession doctors can pick up on these signs. The care of patients now almost inevitably seems to involve many different individuals all needing to share patient information and discuss their management. As a consequence, there is increasing interest in and use of information and communication technologies to support health care services. In clinical care it is often discussed that the critical need to have information about the right patient delivered to the right clinician at the right time. What is considered to be a negative is the critical need for clinicians to connect and communicate with the right person about the right patient at the right time. Telephones, in-person or videoconferencing meetings are more efficient options for exchanging dense information such as detailed case reports. This is why the EMR system is so valuable. The EMR or Electronic Medical Records are a paperless system that is designed to make communication between doctors, nurses, patients, office staff, other doctor’s offices, etc. more efficient and less time consuming, in order to better serve the patients. Communication between doctors and their patients have evolved over the years, while the patients are being seen in the room, the doctor can access their recent lab work, x-rays, MRI’s, discharge summaries, consultations, all because of the EMR system. With this system the access
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