Medical Practice Vs. Conventional Medicine

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In the present day, medical practice has been regarded as dichotomized in the sense that, they are either categorized as “conventional or alternative” hence their medical backgrounds and respective practitioners many times are dependent against each other. A close observation shows that these categorizations are subjective and not made to conflict. Conventional medicine have formerly been known to utilize natural resources while home remedies have for a long period been prepared using a boost of untested value as they are administered without professional supervision or prescription (Hassed, 405).
The actual nature for these classifications are distinct. The conventional medicine are realized to have been developed by dominant cultures and societies that arose to be widespread in a more scientific method of healing. On the other hand, home remedies arose as a convenient way of handling sickness and despite not having medical properties, they are understood to treat and cure the disease in question. Each civilization defines, applies and views its remedies differently with historic guidebooks frequently having various remedies for many diseases (Lee. 461).
This paper anticipates to provide a brief discussion as well as comparison between home remedies and conventional medicine. Home remedies being assumed as less dominant, the paper will expound on the positive strengths and attributes of home remedies. Despite there having existed significant contributions of the
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