Medical Procedures Case Study Essay

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For assessment, Josie has light brown hair and brown eyes. She is 18 months old, and has several burns on her body. She is shows signs of dehydration by her screams when she sees liquid. This is a vital assessment when it comes to the outcome, which could have prevented if they were on the lookout for dehydration because of the burns. As for diagnosis, Josie has 1st and 2nd degree burns. The plan includes: first and foremost, taking care of her wounds with a water based treatment and or burn cream. Josie could be in a lot of pain when she is getting her burns treated for so she can be given anti-anxiety or morphine, but I’m not sure if these would be appropriate medications for a child. Also included in the plan is running an IV fluid, for dehydration. The team should have looked into the…show more content…
In severe cases, the burns can take fluid from the entire body.” (pg. 1). Also, a line of IV antibiotics should be administered to fight off possible infection. Later when we see what kind of mobility Josie has, we can figure out if physical or occupational therapy is needed. To implement my plan of care, I would care for the wounds using water based treatments or burn cream, run IV’s of antibiotics and IV fluid. May give antianxiety, morphine, or an appropriate pain medication for Josie’s wounds. I would observe if her burns were less red, blisters and swelling have gone down, and look for dry peeling skin. I would also see if Josie was hydrated and see if she is acting abnormal with her alertness or attitude for pain level. Later, I would discuss options of physical or occupational therapy to Josie’s family if we see any trouble in movement. The plan would include the nurses and doctor’s on Josie’s case and her family to keep them informed and involved in her healing process. Evaluating her, I should see improvements on her burn wounds, see if she needs therapy, and make sure she stayed hydrated with no
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