Medical Procedures During The Nazi Rule

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‘Medical’ Procedures During the Nazi Rule
During the Nazi Party’s rise to power, it held a strong influence on not only the German people, but as well as all of conquered Europe. It was able to coerce regular citizens into joining one of the most destructive genocides recorded in history by turning them into antisemites, and, in some regards, murderers. It is important to learn from history about the power a government has over the influence of their citizens, particularly in the field of medicine. The main purpose of this paper is to describe the Nazi party’s role in the development and research German medicine, specifically on: the physicians, that became loyal to the state rather than their patients; eugenics, in which the goal was to spawn a ‘master race’; human experimentation, which was done on whoever the state deemed undesirable; and, finally, racial purification, the elimination of individuals that the state believed lead a ‘life unworthy of life’.This paper does not note all of the experiments, victims, perpetrators involved or the locations in which the ‘medical’ atrocities were carried out. It will focus mainly on the idea of racial purification, specifically in Auschwitz-Birkenau, the main extermination camp, providing the accounts of several victims that were subject to the medical experiments, and addressing the medical community, specifically Dr. Josef Mengele, as perpetrators of the genocide of millions of people.
The Nazi Party had the ability to…

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