Medical Professionals And Facilities Use Technology And Informatics

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Introduction With the epic changes and alterations to our current healthcare system, the Federal Government has made great strides in order to make healthcare more effective and efficient. In order to do so healthcare reforms have been enacted in order to have medical professionals and facilities use technology and informatics. Technology in the medical field helps create databases and offer medical professionals a higher level of patient care. Meaningful Use is part of a 2009 law called HITECH, which in turn is part of the American recovery and Reinvestment act . HITECH stands for Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health. Meaningful use is also part of a 3 stage system, that helps medical providers and facilities…show more content…
This paper will discuss the pros and cons of meaningful use as well as recommendations for further guideline adjustments. Meaningful Use and Implementation Criteria Meaningful use is currently separated into a three stage system that the federal government has enacted timelines on. Meaningful use is defined by characteristics by which medical personnel and medical facilities gain the use of electronic health record technology. The goal is to create an interoperable EHR system that improves quality, safety, efficiency and reduce health disparities while engaging patient and improving care coordination. The HITECH act also establishes the scope of security and privacy protections under the HIPPA law. Under the rules, providers must meet certain standards in stage one then moves on to meet the criteria in stages two and three. The act stipulates that users must meet five out of ten criteria points of which one must be a population /public health measure and thirteen required core objectives (CDC, 2012). According to the CMS website, new rules and regulations have been enacted as of 2014 that show the criteria for medical professionals versus facilities. Through the use of the 27 billion dollars allocated to incentive this program, medical professionals, meaningful users that can meet criteria will receive money and assistance to initiate the HIT
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