Medical Record Retention Policies : An Ehr, And Paper Medical Records

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How many of the medical facilities do you see out there that use a paper medical record system? Do you ever wonder if there is a better way, than to fill out all that paperwork, and wait for a phone call back for missing documentation on one patient’s record? There is a better answer, and we are going to talk about it in this paper. It is called an EHR. There will be the pros and cons of both an EHR, and paper Medical Records. At Midmichigan Home care (MMHC), they use a paper file for to enclose their Medical Records. In this process they mandate that all staff who maintains the Medical Record follow their Midmichigan Home Care Record Retention policies. One of these policies are the Admission Checklist. This checklist allows each staff…show more content…
MMHC uses paper records for all Home care, and Hospice patients. These records are kept in the Medical Records room at the main office in Midland, Michigan. There is one office clerk In the Medical Records room who works to maintain, obtain and transfer records when needed. Once the patient is admitted as is receiving care, the next step would be to discharge that patient, and to discharge their paper Medical Record. The MR clerk then takes that MR, and any other that are set on that date, to be discharged, and runs a report to make sure that all MR are accounted for. After this, the charts are pulled and audited for compliance before filed. When the patient is admitted to MMHC, and all paperwork is completed for that admission, it is sent to the Health Information Manager (HIM) and, then to the Medical Records clerk to file. If there are issues with documentation, and/or signatures then the Customer Service Representative helps the Office Support Specialist (OST) to contact the responsible parties(s) in order to make sure that the record is lawful, accurate and complete. If a patient’s Medical Record is not complete after a week timeframe, it is send to all managers who deal with Home care. We talked about the discharge checklist above for patients. Now let’s speak of the discharge process that would happen for the medical record to be able to be filed, and finally sent off to Medical records room and, then their outside

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