Medical Records And Electronic Records

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This case study has presented multiple issues concerning converting paper medical record to electronic medical records. The first concerns are the inefficiencies of the paper medical records and the steps needed to convert the current records to digital records. A second concern was that the medical staff would have to change their work habits to adjust to using the electronic medical records and the training that would be needed to implement the electronic record software. Another concern would be the various formats of software programs and the ability to complement each other. The final concern was the security of the electronic records, misuse of the information or problems accessing the information due to unforeseen circumstances. As the case stated paper records are cumbersome, bulky and difficult to access. As you read through the case it does make one think about how your own medical records are maintained within the doctor’s office. As with my own medical records there was a time that the doctor was looking back through the actual sheets of paper in my file looking for information how he treated a certain medical issue that I had experience years prior, because the same issue reappeared again. It took an extensive amount of my appointment time to search through only a few years of my medical records to find the notes on that exact appointment. How easy would it have been to be able to open the laptop, pull up my medical records and enter a few words in a
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