Medical Research Experiments

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Have you ever wondered how medicine has progressed throughout the centuries? Medicine has gone from simple herbal remedies to powerful medications for pain and infections. Yet, how is it that physicians know so much about diseases, infections, the signs and symptoms, and the treatment of those diseases? In some cases, unethical medical experiments were conducted to figure out how diseases were transmitted and the symptoms that people would present if they were ill with that particular disease. This would then lead the physicians to observe how the disease would progress from beginning to end without any medical interventions, which often involved letting the person die. Then physicians might intervene with several medical interventions at different stages of the disease, such as medication, vaccination or surgery-to figure out when the interventions would best be suited for that particular disease. However, does this justify the actions of the doctors and researchers who conducted these unethical medical experiments? Many critics argue that these experiments were not only unethical but also immoral. Yet, unethical medical research has greatly impacted and contributed to modern medicine today. Due to these experiments several medical discoveries were made, such as vaccinations, which have allowed our doctors to have more knowledge on how to identify diseases and how to treat the patients, reducing the mortality rate and allowing our life expectancy to increase. Although, the
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