Medical Research Vs Cross Sectional Studies

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In the modern age of health,education and public safety, society relies on rigorous research methods to find answers to complex issues dealing with social issues and general concerns. Ultimately, some short-term research methods may initially fail; however, continued extended research should surely result in success and benefit future generations. Depending on the topic of research; some research methods might be more appropriate than others. For example, clinical and laboratory experimental trials might receive better consummation if they use Quasi-experimental and Classical Experimental design rather than Cross Sectional Studies and Longitudinal Studies which focuses more on psychological experiments and behavior studies (Addison) (2015).…show more content…
Its importance comes in two folds with many different subdivisions that intertwine within itself, much like the four research methods that is normally used. The first fold is the clinical and experimental science that cure and treats: illnesses, diseases and, which benefits from Quasi-experimental and Classical Experiment because it generally relies on blindside experiments or other similar experiment that is heavily influenced by numbers to create an unbiased consequential results. The second fold is mental, psychological and injuries, which relies on Cross Sectional Studies and Longitudinal Studies in determining the current state of the person. In determining someone's illness, the administrator needs the background story, the characteristics of the person, such as: race, gender and social class. It is especially important what kind test or experiment is being conducted. For example, in Michigan a multilevel Cross-Sectional studies was initialized on a study of mammography screening on women and race. Akinyemiju (2012) found “ In the United States, recent survival studies show that black women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at advanced stages compared with white women, and are less likely to have timely follow-up of abnormal mammography finding”. This study is important because it deals with woman's health that could help women in their longevity of life for them. But more importantly, the study focuses more on access for health care for women. In this fully detailed synopsis, Cross-Sectional Studies method of research concluded that black women do not have prevention care compare to Caucasian women who could utilize prevention care. If this study was conducted with the Quasi-experimental method than it would only just be based on how many women have mammography done and how many women have cancer. There wouldn't be any qualitative data to be specific
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