Medical School And Pursuit Of A Career As A Physician Scientist

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I first experienced the revitalizing field of clinical research and data analysis while working at the Stony Brook Heart Institute as a certified clinical research coordinator. For three and a half years, I had the unique opportunity of working closely with patients whose debilitating, chronic, refractory cardiovascular illnesses lend them few viable treatments options other than to pursue experiemntal treatmentts. Our team cycled through dozens of different clinical trials over the years, working with globally recognized technology and healthcare companies such as Merck, Abbott, Medtronic. These experiences taught me more than I could have imagined about how basic science is translated in a clinical setting to ultimately improve health outcomes. ------ A desire to elevate my involvement in caring for the ill and exploring new research ideas led to my subsequent enrollment in medical school and pursuit of a career as a physician scientist.

As a student doctor, I continued to explore three core parts of my identity: a deep appreciation for the humanistic and scientific intricacies of the human body; intense enjoyment of research and analytical thinking; and a sincere devotion to serve. One of the most frustrating aspects of preclinical medical education is not having ample opportunity to learn medicine in the field through experience, and relegating the majority of learning to textbooks or small group discussions. To augment my devotion to serve the community in a way that
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