Medical School Goals

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My goals for the next ten years, would be to get accepted to medical school and to graduate from medical school. Specifically, my top three medical schools that I would love to go to would be Oklahoma University Medical School, University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Oklahoma State Center for Health Sciences. To be honest though my top three are the places I would absolutely love to go to, I would gladly take a medical school that would accept me. Currently my plans for a specialty in medical school is endocrinology or immunology, I love the way that the body interacts with itself and how it is able to get confused and attack itself is probably my main interest in the specialty. My goals after I graduate medical school are, working in a hospital somewhere in Oklahoma, preferably in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, and work there as a resident for a time until I would be able to open up my own private practice or join a private practice and continue my health career from there. One of the things that has become increasingly interesting with me is Doctors Without Borders, which may end up being something that I would participate in after medical school during my residency or around the time that I would join a private practice.…show more content…
My Uncle is my main influencer in becoming a doctor, he is a medical doctor of Psychiatry, he is definitely my main role model, that pushes me to be my best and to follow my dream of becoming a doctor. My specific reason for wanting to join the field is my interest in the complexity and interwoven puzzles that come about when dealing with problems throughout the human body. Becoming a doctor has been a dream of mine for a long time and I know that if I was to become one I would feel like I would have a career that I would love showing up to every day no matter
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