Medical School Journey Research Paper

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Maturity is the process by which we must relinquish who we are for who we believe we can become. I say believe because this is a calculated risk without immediate gratification. My medical school journey has been a maturing, self-improving process. What I learned from my failures gave me the courage to pursue my passion, while experience gave me the maturity to understand it. This journey has passed through stages, much like that of the human life cycle.
Birth. At a young age I had the privilege of living in Lebanon and Australia, each for two years, teaching me of the multitude of cultures that exist. I learned of polar opposite systems of healthcare; a medieval, poorly regulated Lebanese health care system and the universal healthcare approach of Australians. The difference in care was made ever more clear when my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer during that time. Our travels sent us across the globe, seeking the best medicine for my dying mother, ultimately landing us in the United States. At age 11, the birth of my journey in medicine unknowingly began with the death of my mother.
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I recall a hectic time during an overnight shift as a Medical Scribe. We were short staffed and my physician was handling several patients at once. Radiology results would be outsourced and faxed back to one copier in the hospital. I periodically and proactively did laps while the physician was busy until the results came back, confirming the suspicion for a stroke, a time sensitive ailment. Although my role was small, I felt that I was part of a larger team where everyone played their own crucial role. The pressure, the impact, the bedside manner that become second nature, all made me realize this where I could see myself
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