Medical Schools And Residency Programs Essay

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“Medical schools and residency programs have always sought excellence in the areas of education, research, and clinical care. However, these pursuits are not accomplished within a vacuum-rather, they are continually and necessarily influenced by social, cultural, political, legal, and economic forces” (Conrad). The quote by Conrad is a statement that perfectly explains the demand for excellence in the medical community. The demand for excellence is in constant flux as medicine is engulfed by bureaucracy. This take over subjects the pillars of the profession to constant challenges. The most recent challenge to the medical professions jurisdiction was, once again, one to the professions standards of expert knowledge. Since 2014, the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas created some loopholes to allow students who have not matriculated into a residency to begin working as a “physician” with various titles such as the Graduate Registered Physician (GRP) in Arkansas, Assistant Physician in Missouri, and Training Physician in Oklahoma. These loopholes are being forced into the medical profession through political powers who have no medical backgrounds to be able to make such drastic judgment calls. Despite heavy opposition from AMA, the American Academy of Physician Assistants(AAPA), and other state accrediting boards, these bills have passed and have gone into laws. Many of the opposing physicians argued that these less qualified students are treating patients up to
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