Medical Sociology Is Usually Referred To As The Sub Branch

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Medical sociology is usually referred to as the sub branch of sociology that explores and analyses the social causes and subsequent outcomes pertaining to health and illness (Cockerham, 2014). In this context mention may be made of the health status of individuals and populations that are not uniform and consistent thereby leads to inequity. The factors governing these disparities do not necessarily emanate from the genetic predispositions of the concerned person but is largely dependent upon factors impacted by the political and social forces of a nation, social and economic practices that drive necessary changes in conjunction with personal and environmental factors. These factors together constitute the social determinants of health…show more content…
The functionalist and interactionist theories may be further elaborated for explaining the key concepts and perspectives as put forward by eminent sociologists in erstwhile years. The functionalist theory considers society as a complex system of interrelated parts that are organized in a manner to maintain its stability. Alongside social stability, maintenance of consensus and solidarity is integral to the proposition of this theory. Societal institution comprising of family, education and economy serve crucial functions for operating the societal norms. Smooth functioning of society is dependent upon various factors that share the responsibility of controlling the factors that lead to sickness thereby limiting the performance of the societal functions effectively (Healy, 2014). Hence from the functionalist perspective the stability and functionality of the society is to be ensured through proper measures taken in terms of treating an ill patient. Sociologist Talcott Parsons depicted the behavior specific to a person who is recognized to be sick. The person who is suffering from an illness is under the obligation of recovering from his condition due to certain responsibilities entrusted on him or her in the outside world. In this regard professional assistance and appropriate therapeutic interventions are sought from competent authorities to
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