Medical Student Performance Evaluation : Dr. Ian E. Anderson

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June 27, 2014


Dr. Ian E. Guerrero graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Manila, Class of 1999


Dr. Guerrero graduated from Far Eastern University in 1994 , earning a bachelor’s degree in Medical technology. He was one among the non-UST graduates who was able to be admitted to the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery’s rigorous selection process. He has been a member of the Dean’s list of Outstanding Medical Students during his first 2 years in medical school. Throughout his stay in the Medical school, Dr Guerrero is
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Dr. Guerrero ranked 52 in a class of 365 belonging to the top 15% of his batch. He has been very successful in meeting the academic and research challenges imposed by our innovative curriculum. He was serious and keen in his studies and did consistently good in most of his written and oral examinations. He participated actively and showed great enthusiasm in case presentations, laboratory experiments, dissection and group discussions. He took active role in group dynamics such as conducting scientific researches. Overall, he was an outstanding student. Core Clinical Clerkship and Elective Rotations:
The UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery provides a period of twelve months of clinical clerkship which are carried out in different services of the UST Hospital with outside rotations in Dr. Jose Fabella Medical Center, San Lazaro hospital and the Community Medicine project in Sapang Palay, Bulacan. School policy permits interspersal of core clerkships and electives.
Dr. Guerrero’s performance has a high level of enthusiasm and a great degree of motivation. The members of the respective faculty of the different departments have submitted their summative evaluations of his clinical acumen in verbatim and in chronological order.

Core Clerkship in Pediatrics, UST Hospital: (April 16- June 15 1998)
Dr. Guerrero showed great interest and enthusiasm in dealing with pediatric patients. He devoted much time to be adept
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