Medical Student Performance Evaluation : Dr. Ian E. Anderson

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MEDICAL STUDENT PERFORMANCE EVALUATION For IAN E. GUERRERO, M.D. June 27, 2014 IDENTIFYING INFORMATION Dr. Ian E. Guerrero graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Manila, Class of 1999 UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS Dr. Guerrero graduated from Far Eastern University in 1994 , earning a bachelor’s degree in Medical technology. He was one among the non-UST graduates who was able to be admitted to the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery’s rigorous selection process. He has been a member of the Dean’s list of Outstanding Medical Students during his first 2 years in medical school. Throughout his stay in the Medical school, Dr Guerrero is not only equipped academically but has shown great interpersonal skills in dealing with people both in the medical and the non-medical field. He has shown great leadership qualities as exemplified by being selected as leader in several class group discussions, projects and during his clerkship rotation. He is proficient in the English language, is competent in providing patient care and possesses moral, ethical and spiritual vigors characteristics of all Thomasian graduates. Truly, Dr. Guerrero is an exceptional individual, blessed with a combination of determination, academic acumen and the selfless desire to help others. ACADEMIC HISTORY Date of Graduation from Medical School Apri 1999 Date of Initial Matriculation in Medical

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