Medical Technology And The Medical Field

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Medical technology is a field that is growing more every day. Concerning diabetic patients in the hospital. The use of glucose monitors, such as the Nova Stat Strip meter used at Greenview Regional Hospital, are used to help reduce documentation and medical errors with diabetic patients. The Nova Stat Strip meter helps give providers quick and accurate blood glucose values at the bedside. In dealing with medical technology, there also comes the IT department, who are the ones that are managing this equipment. Working with the IT department and other departments helps to create a way to provide better care for our patients. The uses of electronic medical records are also something that has become more common and is used to provide better care for our patients by allowing providers and caregivers of patients to have better access to what is going on with the patient in their chart available at any computer. The uses of medical technology and IT support has become a staple in hospitals and something that everyone in the medical field deals with on a daily basis, all to provide better care for our patients. Keywords: Medical, technology, Nova, Stat Strip, glucose, IT, hospital, patients Nova Biomedical Stat Strip Technology Diabetes is a disease that affects millions throughout the world and is a disease that requires lifestyle adjustments from the patient to be managed. One of these adjustments is monitoring blood glucose. According to American Diabetes
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