Medical Testing On Animal Testing

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Who should be the first to suffer, humans or rodents? Medical testing on animals involves experimentation to observe variables that affect behavior or the biological system under review. Scientists, after studying side effects of a new drug using animals, usually test it next on human volunteers to confirm how the drug will interact with human physiology. Experimental research includes different fields and is usually conducted by universities, medical schools, and pharmaceutical companies. The majority of animals used for research are rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils. Researchers depend on animal test results to achieve medical advances. Experiments using animals have played a crucial role in the development of modern medical treatments. They allow humans to be the priority in the medical field and allow fewer people to suffer and die by improving the entire medical system.
We should not stop using animals in medical experiments. Otherwise, people would die and suffer under such a policy. Historically, almost all new drugs that are introduced each year after much animal testing. Even though the number of animal lives expended is a huge cost, the benefits that each drug brings confirm that cost. New drugs approved for medical use have the potential to relieve human pain and suffering not only for current patients, but also for future generations.
First of all, animals ' rights are less important than human rights. We have the right to use animals to improve the medical

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