Medical Tourism : An Open Gateway For Patients

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Generally, medical tourism refers to the act of people travelling overseas to an under-developed country to obtain medical, cosmetic, or dental treatment. One main reason why medical tourism is becoming more popular is because not everybody has health insurance, and if they do have health insurance, the insurance company will most likely not cover the cost of the whole treatment, leaving patients in great debt. This is why people who cannot afford healthcare, choose to travel abroad as it is cheaper. The savings range is between 30% and 80% of the cost that you would normally pay in the USA (medical tourism benefits and advantages 2). These low cost procedures are attracting more and more people that we need to take a closer look regarding their health. I will be discussing the advantages/disadvantages for both wealthy and less wealthy countries, the quality of treatment given, and the lack of information and awareness given to people.
Medical tourism is an open gateway for patients to receive affordable and quality care by going abroad. Estimates show that over 7 million global citizens cross boarders every year to appreciate the effects of medical tourism (medical tourism advantages and disadvantages 5). Each year, medical tourism is becoming more popular therefore; allowing those facilities to further improve their performance and resources. As you may know, healthcare costs an arm and leg, and only gets worse by year. Not everyone is fortunate enough to pay his or her
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