Medical Tourism Promotional Action Plan Essay

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Promotional Action Plan
Medical Tourism
Marvin Wilcox
Saint Leo University

Our marketing plan for 2013 will focus on several mediums that are aimed at providing detailed information on the company and services provided, reaching new targets and offering incentives to previous clients and maximizing exposure. Five venues were chosen to take full advantage of our budget of $100,000 .The following is a synopsis of each venue: 1. Building a website 2. YouTube videos 3. Social Media 4. Mass Mailing 5. Local Business Networking with Ambassador

Action Plan #1 * Action Item: A fully functioning professional website based in the U.S with search engine optimizing (SEO) at a cost of $25,000 to be implemented March
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The service is currently free of charge. * Objective: To convey credibility through video testimonials consisting of 3-5 min in length. To present information about tourism, the forgotten half of medical tourism and to create familiarity and confidence through a personal connection. * Description: The videos will show satisfied and happy clients reporting the variance in cost between domestic and international medical procedures and how the money saved can be used towards vacationing in the same locale. Also, the videos will contain information about destinations, things to do, restaurants and attraction to enjoy the full experience of being abroad. * Target Market: The 92% of consumers around the world that say they trust recommendations from family and friends above all other forms of advertising. The 85% of 30- to 50-year-olds and 51% of 65- 75-year-olds that are active social media users. * Metric: The method will be proven successful if we receive booking from 20% of the viewers. Another measure is for 65% of the viewing public follow the link to the official website and 50% of that number result in hard inquires, bookings or subscribers to the newsletter.

Action Plan #3 * Action Item: We will engagement potential clients on a personal level via Skype. The service will cost $168 for one year of unlimited international use. * Objective: To make potential customers feel they are receiving individualized and attentive care by a brand
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