Medical Tourism in the International Market

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Introduction Health and Medical Services have now been marketed within an international market. Hip as well as knee replacements, ophthalmologic processes, plastic surgery, cardiovascular care, body organ transplants, along with stem cell treatments have all been accessible in the marketplace within the international health and medical services market. "Medical tourism" businesses market "sun and surgery" deals and set up care at global hospitals in Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Singapore, Mexico, as well as other desired destination countries. Just like automobile production and also textile manufacturing relocated outside the US, American patients have been "off-shoring" themselves to services which use reduced labour expenses to acquire competitive edge within the market. Advocates of medical tourism reason that an international marketplace in health and medical services will promote customer options, promote competitiveness amongst private hospitals, and allow clients to buy high-quality treatment at medical amenities all over the world. Opponents raise issues regarding quality of treatment and patient wellbeing, data disclosure to individuals, legitimate redress in the event that patients have been hurt whilst acquiring care at overseas hospitals, and damages to public medical care systems in desired destination countries. The appearance of the international marketplace in health and medical services may have deep implications for health insurance coverage, delivery

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