Medical Treatment Of The Modern World

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Working medical treatment in the ancient world was something rare to find as there was little understanding about how the human body worked. Many believed that the sick were being punished by God and were shunned by society. Many societies also shunned those that were not like them, refusing to give them any medical treatment. While medical treatment in other areas in the Afro Eurasian world was primitive, Islamic hospitals, had made great strides in the medical field. Although Islamic hospitals were largely secular, they were influenced by the religion of Islam from improving the lives of those at the hospital to driving the research of medicine, however, much influence came, not from the Qu’ran or other Islamic holy books, but from…show more content…
They were also built as a retirement home and insane asylum. Before hospitals, there were traveling lodges that were attended by priests, however, the treatments were just prayers and sacrifices. At a hospital anyone could get treatment , gender, social status, religion, and ethnicity did not matter. There were even separate wards for gender and different conditions and male and female nurses for the separate genders. The service was free and the hospitals were financed from the revenues of wealthy men. While the hospitals served as medical schools to train students and advance medical knowledge, only qualified physicians were allowed to practice medicine. They were also were the first in history to keep records of patients and the treatments. Hospitals were equipped with extensive libraries, conference halls and housing facilities for students and doctors to use. Islam has played a major role in influencing Muslim hospitals, from improving the lives of everyone there to dictating the treatment of the mentally-ill. One of the five pillars dictate that a muslim must pray five times a day. For certain conditions an ablution is required, so Muslim hospitals were required to provide patients and employees with an unlimited supply of water and bathing facilities. To fulfill one’s spiritual needs there was a mosque for Muslim patients and a chapel for Christian patients. Throughout history, treatment of the mentally-ill has mostly been negative. Many
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