Medical advancements in World War Two

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World War II brought death and destruction upon the world. On the other hand, it also opened doors for pioneering developments that commonly occur during such situations of high adversity. Some of the most important advancements took place in the field of medicine when the world was embroiled in World War II. As Dr. Ralph Major states, "An army is a vast laboratory of medical research where disease and injuries are seen on a far larger scale than in peacetime. Many improvements in the treatment of infections have come from experiences on the battlefield" (Major 52). Devastation in the war left countless soldiers and civilians with life threatening injuries and diseases. This devastation and destruction, led to the innovation of the three…show more content…
Plasma was used to transfer blood as it served to keep satisfactory blood pressure and supply critical proteins and globulins (antibodies) to the wounded soldiers ( There were many uses of Plasma on the battlefield and on the whole, it helped keep a proper balance in the body which makes it one of the best innovations in medical history. The pressing demand for blood on the battlefields led to Britain organizing the International Transfusion Association in 1940 which collected blood (people donated blood) and turned it into blood plasma. This program collected, processed and transported 14,500 units of plasma to the allied armies and it was all done within five months ( Dr. Drew was an important member of the group and his scientific research helped revolutionize blood plasma transfusion so that blood plasma could readily be given to wounded soldiers on the battlefield, which dramatically improved opportunities to save lives. Blood plasma could also be dried which made it very easy to transport, pack, store and the soldiers could also carry it around in their pockets (www.history.amedd/army). As mentioned in the 'United States office of war' newsreel "Soldiers in Normandy got the best medical care science could offer and plasma cheated death in cases of many soldiers" ( Soldiers received the most modern medical treatments on D-day in Normandy beach and blood transfusion
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